Connecticut Shotgun Dominates in Vintage Cup and Orvis Cup

Vintage Gunners Cup Winner

Congratulations to Charles DeVinne for once again proving himself as one of the best during The 24th Annual Vintage Gunners Cup in Friendsville, Pennsylvania. DeVinne, who has been competing in Clay Targets for 30 years, had huge success in the American Classics Hammerless Events winning 8 medals in the 2022 Vintage Cup, 5 of those having won with Connecticut Shotguns’ Model 21 and RBL.

Devinne states that some of the features he looks for when choosing the right shotgun for competing are "a good point of impact and pattern, a very reliable trigger and overall functioning".

The round-action SxS RBL is the ultimate shotgun for upland, sporting clays, target & live pigeons. RBL shotguns are made by the Master Gunsmiths at Connecticut Shotgun and feature a true Anson & Deeley action with a Purdey type double bite lockup and Southgate ejector system. These shotguns are world-renowned for their craftsmanship, workmanship, and reliability.

Breakdown of DeVinne’s 2022 Placements:
.410 Event: 1st Place with a CSMC RBL
28ga Event: 1st Place with a CSMC RBL
12ga Event: 2nd Place with a CSMC Model 21
Main Event: 1st Place with a CSMC Model 21
Senior Event: 1st Place with a CSMC Model 21
Long Bird Event: 1st Place with a CSMC Model 21

2022 Orvis Cup Winner

In the same weekend, Anthony Regelski demonstrated his incredible talent placing 1st in the 2022 Orvis Cup Main event shooting a Connecticut Shotgun A-10. Anthony Regelski is a 22 year-old Master Class Sporting Clay shooter from Pine Bush, New York. As an 18-year-old he won the New York State Sporting Clay championship in 2018. Anthony has an associate's degree in applied technology from Cobleskill college. He has been coached since he was 16 by Tom Fiumarello.

The A-10 and all Connecticut Shotgun products come from years of research and development; through a team of qualified engineers, technicians and draftsmen. Connecticut Shotguns combine the best materials, procedures, processes, and highly skilled individuals to produce one of the most respected guns in the world. The A-10 shotgun is perfect for all types of game shooting and target shooting.