Hardstahl Screwdrivers with Stand (Set of 20)

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Special elliptical design handles for the highest torque ratio by your hand, also prevents the screwdriver from rolling off the bench. Precision ground flat areas on the screwdrivers for added torque when needed for stubborn screws, that can fit either pliers or a wrench.
Handles are beautifully finished hardwood that are designed to ergonomically fit your hand perfectly in all different sizes. Not inexpensive plastic or molded material. The shank and blade are made from S2 pre-hardened steel which has been engineered specifically for use in the Hardstahl set.
The range of sizes in the 20 piece Hardstahl set will fit virtually any gun screw slot. The 20 screwdrivers are individually numbered and sized accordingly. The hollow ground tips are easily adjusted to fit any screw slot that is not standard.

The Hardstahl set was designed for high grade professional gunsmithing. There was no expense spared in design or material. Our only goal was to have the best screwdrivers obtainable.
These are not a screwdriver set that are adapted from another industry that feature inexpensive materials and plastic handles. These were designed exclusively in every respect for use on high grade guns. This is a very serious set that is as beautiful as it is functional.

If you own a gun then you owe it to yourself to buy these screwdrivers. No more ruined screw slots. The Hardstahl set was made to sell for $395. We are currently running a special of $195 for 20 screwdrivers and the stand.

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