Connecticut Shotgun offers a SERVICE PACKAGE for your CSMC shotgun.  Each gun is thoroughly stripped and cleaned, adjusted, test fired, and detailed by the gunsmiths who originally made your fine shotgun.  We pride ourselves on returning your gun to its original factory fresh operating condition. Please note, any cost for replacement parts and any added labor will incur and additional cost, and we will notify you for approval prior to commencing any added servicing or repairs. 


SP01    A10 American   $450.00 + $50.00 Shipping & Handling
SP02    Christian Hunter, O/U   $450.00 + $50.00 Shipping & Handling
SP03    Christian Hunter, SxS   $375.00 + $50.00 Shipping & Handling
SP04    Inverness, Model 21 O/U   $350.00 + $50.00 Shipping & Handling
SP05    RBL (12ga, 16ga, 20ga, Professional, 28ga, 410ga.)   $350.00 + $50.00 Shipping & Handling
SP06    Revelation   $325.00 + $50.00 Shipping & Handling





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