A. Galazan Over & Under



An American - built, best-grade shotgun for those who truly understand quality and performance

A. Galazan Full Sidelock Over & Under Shotguns hand -built to order in 12, 16, 20 and 28 gauges and .410 bore Experience is a wonderful teacher. It points to what works well, and what can work even better with a little extra effort. The incomparable A. Galazan over & under shotguns bears this out. Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company spared absolutely no expense, nor did they permit compromise of any sort, when they set about creating what is viewed by many experts as the finest hand-made over & under shotguns manufactured anywhere in the world. By combining the most sophisticated machinery currently available with proven, old-world craftsmen, they have produced the most sensibly engineered, strongest designed, absolutely no compromise full sidelock over & under possible.

Every aspect of this new shotgun is, quite simply, superbly engineered and executed. The sidelock action is strong, simple and eminently reliable. The receiver is machined from a single billet of tool steel. Barrels are hand-built and fitted to the closest of tolerances. Trigger response is incredibly fast and smooth. Turkish Circassian walnut is matched for stock and forend, then custom-crafted to precise owner dimensions and tastes. This mechanical excellence and meticulous craftsmanship make the A. Galazan over & under shotgun worthy of the description "best gun." Yet it is in the final finishing and custom engraving that this gun surpasses any in the world. Typical of the guns built as of this writing are those with fine rose and scroll.

A. Galazan full sidelock over & under shotguns are built strictly to customer order. All guns are priced individually, per the customers requirements.






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