A.H. Fox

The origin of the A.H. Fox shotgun began in 1896 when Ansley H. Fox opened Fox Gun Co. in Baltimore, MD. After initial production failing he worked at Baltimore Gun Co. for at least three years. In 1904, Fox founded the Philadelphia Gun Co. and continued to refine his shotgun. Two years later Fox found the A.H. Fox Gun Co. in Philadelphia after gaining success showing his product at various shotgun events. 

Fox initially offered his shotguns in three grades: A Grade, B Grade, C Grade, D Grades, and F Grades in 12ga only. In 1912, it was expanded to 16ga and 20ga. The XE grade was introduced in 1915 with the G grade and HE grade coming out in 1922. His most major hit through, was the Sterlingworth model introduced in 1910, and remained part of Fox's main production line until 1942.

Fox Shotgun Co. continued to produce shotguns until 1929 until being acquired by Savage. Savage continued making cheaper versions of the gun until going defunct in 1942. 

Fifty years after A.H. Fox going defunct, Connecticut Shotgun got the permission to make A.H. Fox shotguns in 1992. Since then, Connecticut Shotgun has put their heart and soul into bringing this once beloved shotgun back to life.

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