Since 1866, Winchester has been a prominent American manufacturer of firearms. From its rifles to shotguns both single and double barreled, these guns have made a lasting impression on the American public. 

Connecticut Shotgun has always maintained a massive inventory of original Winchester Model 21 shotguns. Thirty thousand of these American classics were produced from 1931 to 1959 in 12ga, 16ga, 20ga, 28ga, and .410 bore. Various grades included Standard, Tournament, Skeet, Tournament Skeet, Trap, Skeet, Duck, Custom/Deluxe. Main production of the Model 21 ceased in 1960 and was sourced to the Winchester Custom Shop where Custom, Pigeon, Grand American grades were produced until the gun's retirement in 1991. In 1994, Connecticut Shotgun purchased the Winchester Custom Shop, and has been building Model 21 and maintaining the original models to this day. 

Connecticut Shotgun is honored to have these remarkable pieces of American gun history in our showroom. And are proud to continue building and maintaining this once-American classic. 

View our CSMC-made Model 21 shotguns here, CSMC Model 21 Shotguns.