Gaston J. Glock Products

Here at Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company, we strive to provide you with the best products for your shooting needs. The famous Gatson J. Glock products we carry were created by the Glock family, who scoured all of Europe to ensure only the finest of quality, in keeping with their guns. Their goal was to search for Europe’s finest apparel makers and spared no expense. Usually very high in price, but we are closing this line out with exceptional pricing. This line is made for the ultimate gun person. The entire line is brand new and still in all its original packaging.

If you are a gun person and looking for the highest quality of apparel, you have found the perfect line.

We sell Gaston J. Glock clothing, boots, and knives. Their apparel line, including Glock shooting shirts, pants, jackets, and Gaston Glock t-shirts, are made with high-quality materials and are some of the most comfortable clothes available. The clothing lines are made with shooting in mind – from the Glock shooting pants for women to the Glock boots, you'll be shooting in style. Glock clothes can suit your whole family with outdoor apparel you need for men and women.  

Are you looking for a new hunting knife? We have you covered there, too. Gaston Glock knives are built to last. Their unique designs make them great showpieces, as well. These quality knives are perfect for hunting or camping and stay sharp. With handle materials ranging from bone horn to carbon fiber, the distinct details on the handles and blades make Glock knives as pleasant to look at as they are to use. All our Glock knives for sale have a hand sewn leather sheath designed to protect the sharpness of the blade. With quality knives and clothing made by Gaston J. Glock, you will be well suited for your next shooting outing at the range or out on a hunting trip.   

We handpick the best products from Gaston J. Glock to ensure that you get the highest quality available. From apparel to knives, Gaston Glock products are made to fit you comfortably and last long. If you're looking for your new hunting outfit or even just a comfortable jacket for your next hike, contact us today or be sure to check out our Gaston J. Glock collection.