Services & Repairs


Welcome to the CSMC Service Department, our Service is located at our factory in New Britain, CT. Our staff of factory-trained gunsmiths are always ready to help you. Connecticut Shotgun prides itself on returning your gun to its original factory fresh operating condition. Each gun is thoroughly stripped and cleaned, adjusted, test fired, and detailed by the gunsmiths who originally made your fine shotgun. We provide services for the Galazan O/U, G1 O/U, A10 American O/U, Christian Hunter O/U, Christian Hunter SxS, A.H. Fox SxS, Savage Fox SxS, Model 21 SxS, Model 21 O/U, RBL SxS, Inverness O/U, and Revelation O/U.


To get started on the process, pick the service package of your choice, fill in the needed information (full name & serial number), contact to request an RMA. After an RMA is filled out received, ship the complete gun through Ground FedEx or UPS. 


It is the responsibility of the customer to properly pack and ship the gun to us, we are not responsible for inproper packing, or damages to goods in transit to our factory. In addition, we are not responsible for cases that are shipped to us with your gun, for this reason, pack your return in cardboard and DO NOT send any gun case with your repair.

NOTE: When sending in your gun to Connecticut Shotgun. Please include a letter that states your name, steet address, email or phone number. Also include a description of the work needed or the problem you are experiencing. 


The shop is open by appointment, Monday to Friday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Walk in appointments can be made in advance by calling the service department at (860) 225-6581.


We do not typically issue call tags, we may issue you a call tag to send in your repair. If the issue is a manufacturer defect we will cover the cost of the repair and UPS call tag. However, if the repair is not due to a manufacturer defect you will be responsible for paying $100.00 for the UPS call tag, cost of repair, and return shipping. Neglect, mistreatment, and not maintaining your gun are not covered and not considered a manufacturer defect.

Please ship all firearms to 100 Burritt Street, New Britain, CT, 06053.

  • Ground UPS ONLY.
  • DO NOT use a 3rd party shipper - as they add unnecessary fees - go DIRECTLY to UPS.
  • You DO NOT need an FFL - tell them it is your gun going back to the licensed manufacturer/dealer. However, you may want to ship through your local FFL dealer if you will not be home, or do not have someone who is at least 21 at home during the day to sign for the firearm.
  • Whatever address is listed on the return address is the address we MUST send it back to, or a licensed FFL dealer. For example, if it comes in from 123 Lazy Lane - we can't send it back to 456 Lazy Lane.
  • Please be sure to include a note stating your contact information, as well as a brief description of the issue you're experiencing. Not including this information will just delay your repair.
  • In most cases we will get your firearm sent back out to you within 1 business day from the date we receive it.
  • If you have any other questions, please contact us at

NOTE: We do not typically provide return labels, you are responsible for sending in your own repairs.


Want to return a gun? Want to service your gun? Do you need it repaired? Request an RMA form!

What is a RMA form?

This is a Return Material Authorization Form utilized to assist with getting a gun that needs to be serviced, repaired, or returned to our facility.

Why is this required?

Every gun that comes into our building has to be registered into our system, because we only work on guns we’ve sold or have made. As well as we need to verify who you are and why your gun is in our building. We cannot register the gun into our system without the proper address.

Many people will use 3rd party shippers and use that as their address. But we will need your address to know exactly where to send it back to. We cannot ship back to a 3rd party shipper.

What happens when it gets here?

There are many departments in our facility. We need to make sure your gun goes to its assigned Department to get it done quickly and efficiently.

What happens if I send in my gun without an RMA number?

If you do not have the RMA number on the outside of your packagiung the gun will be returned immediately to the address it was sent in from.

What is mandatory I include on my RMA form?

With the exception of your contact information, it’s very important to include as much details as you can when filling out the form. Most importantly we need to know in detail exactly why you’re sending this gun into us, we need to know EXACTLY where you bought the gun from, and we need to have the serial /model/ and name of the gun.

I've completed my RMA form, now what?

After you've received your RMA number we're ready to do the work on the gun immediately. Most guns are returned same day due to how diligently we work in our building.

NOTE: Any gun sent into us without an RMA form will be returned.


Thoroughly stripped, cleaned, adjusted, test fired, and detailed by CSMC gunsmiths. Returning your gun to its original factory fresh operating condition.

These are various service packages offered, including Over/Under (O/U) and Side by Side (SxS) shotguns, each with its respective price.

Service Package Price
Galazan O/U $500.00
G1 O/U $495.00
A-10 American O/U $450.00
Christian Hunter O/U $450.00
Revelation O/U $325.00
Model 21 O/U $350.00
Christian Hunter SxS $375.00
A.H. Fox SxS $400.00
Savage Fox A. Grade SxS $380.00
RBL SxS $350.00


Galazan™ has purchased all of the manufacturing machinery, tooling, and parts for the Winchester Model 21 double barrel shotgun from the U.S. Repeating Arms Corporation, New Haven, CT. Contact us for factory original parts, barrels, stocks, etc. for this American classic. Call us if your Model 21 is in need of repair. Galazan™ is the Factory Repair Center for Winchester Model 21s.

We also offer brand new Winchester Model 21 custom grade shotguns. Available in virtually any gauge or style. These guns are built by us and delivered through U.S. Repeating Arms. They are Grand American and above quality guns. Additionally, we have a number of used and rebuilt Model 21s available in all gauges, configurations, and styles. We can also complete these guns to your custom dimensions and engraving patterns. In our capacity as the Custom Shop for the Winchester Model 21, we will record any work performed on these guns with the Winchester museum in Cody, Wyoming.

Service Description Price
Reblue receiver including trigger guard, forend trigger plate, and all screws and pins $650.00
Reblue barrels, polishing included $700.00
Removal of heavy pitting or rust (billed hourly) Hourly Rate
Repair single trigger malfunction $550.00
Leather Covered Pads (adds 1" to length of pull), installed, including pad; Style 1, 2, and 3 $600.00
Refinish wood and re-cut standard or custom checkering on forend and buttstock $550.00
Each additional forend $275.00
'A' Carved Wood $800.00
'B' Carved Wood $1,000.00
Strip and relay loose ribs and blue $1,100.00
Install new 12, 16, or 20ga barrel $6,500.00
28 and .410 barrels quoted Quoted Price

NOTE: Other work will be quoted, please write or call.