Parker Bros. & Parker Reproduction

From 1867 to 1942, Parker Bros. in Meriden, CT produced approximately 242,000 guns were produced in gauges ranging from 8ga, 10ga, 11ga, 12ga, 14ga, 16ga, 20ga, 28ga, and .410ga. The grades ranged from Trojan, VH, PH, GH, DH, CH, BH, AH, and A1 Special. Any Parker shotgun with an "E" after the designated grade meant the gun was fitted with ejectors rather than extactors. In 1934, Remington Arms acquired the company and produced the guns until going defunct in 1942. 

Throughout its production, Parker shotguns had gained a reputation as a remarkable American shotgun. It had become beloved by various celebrities such as Annie Oakley, Frank Butler, Clark Gable, etc. A once powerful Connecticut firearms manufacturer, CSMC is proud to have an inventory of these very limited pieces of American gun history.