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The CSMC G1 has a stainless steel receiver, removable inspection ports for service on each side and raised face for zero headspace issues. It's available in all wood qualities. 26 - 34" barrels. 12ga only. Vent rib. Completely modular shotgun. Screw-in chokes with stepped breech face. Heavy reinforced action. Completely machined from solid material.



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The receiver is machined from a solid billet of 416 aircraft grade stainless steel. During the machine process they are stress relieved and then finish hardened for 24 hours using the plasma nitrate method which is used in aircraft manufacturing. This specialized hardening process adds durability and longevity that is unheard of in the gun industry. The G1 receivers are also built extended which offers additional strength.



Unique inspection and lubrication windows on each side of frame.




The CSMC G1 has ventilated top ribs which are tapered from 10mm to 8mm with center channel for instant sight picture alignment. The ribs are installed using bronze brazing and laser welding with high point of impact for constant target visibility. They are built with a unique, enclosed and raised breech face for zero head space issues and added strength.



The CSMC G1 barrels are machined from 4140 steel, and over-bored to .736 bore diameter. Precision honed on machines for the G1 to achieve precise concentric bore.21. Barrel lengths for the G1 are available from 26”-34”. Barrel chambers are 2 ¾” with extended long forcing cones for reduced recoil.


The G1 has an adjustable muzzle loop, for customizing point of impact. It is also available with special under forend barrel weight fixture to adjust handling balance.





 Choke tubes and wrench are supplied.




The standard trigger pull for the CSMC G1 is 3.5lbs to 4lbs. A Release Trigger is also available for the G1 shotgun. 



The CSMC G1 has a Standard Galazan recoil pad with catch proof hard top. We maintain the largest inventory of Black and Turkish Walnut for high grade guns. We offer virtually any grade of wood (for additional cost) and a variety of coats of oil finish. Adjustable comb is available. 



All of our CSMC G1 shotguns are hand checkered and every engraving option is available.



 Large ergonomic paddle top lever. 




Additional Information

Trigger is single selective

Available bottom single trap option

Approximate weight 8 lbs. 4 oz.



The CSMC G1 is completely modular. You can purchase an adjustable stock, or get a personally fit stock or barrel set from the factory. Connecticut Shotgun remains a custom shotgun manufacturing company. Every gun is proof tested, function tested, and shot for point of impact. Made entirely in the USA. Manufactured at our facility in New Britain, Connecticut.