CSMC Model 21 Over & Under




In 1996, Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company purchased the Model 21 division from U.S. Repeating Arms Company and with it, received all the tools, fixtures, and processes to build this gun. Our Model 21 Over & Under, as with all of our guns, are manufactured in their entirety in New Britain, CT. On occasion, some smaller parts or initial machining operations will be sub-contracted if we are over capacity, in an effort to deliver products on time. We do not assemble parts that we procure and we also machine virtually everything ourselves. These firearms are designed, machined, assembled and finished in our own facility.

The Model 21 Over & Under uses the same machines, tooling, methods and finishes as the Model 21 Side by Side. It also has an identical feel, balance, and look as the Side by Side. Our Model 21 Over & Under was designed many years ago, but we chose never to build it. It is something we had planned for a long time and felt that it would be well received by our shooters and group of customers. One of the main reasons we are able to manufacture this gun is our vast expertise in producing shotguns. We are also able to operate more efficiently due to us being a small company without bureaucratic layers of personnel.

Our engraving and checkering layouts are performed by our proprietary process. The layout drawing is very time consuming, but by doing this we allow our craftsman to devote their time to the actual work, producing a better end result. Since the actual finish work is performed by hand, you will notice the Model 21’s are all slightly different. It is indistinguishable from a complete hand engraving or checkering. We use a team of people that do the checkering as well as the engraving.

Our trademark Tuff Bore system allows you to shoot any type of shot through our guns. This is very important when you consider that most double guns are not able to handle double shot and this includes most barrels that are side by side.

We believe our Model 21 Over & Under shotguns are a great investor value. These guns are built strong and will provide a lifetime of service. If you were to look at our customer base, you would find many of our customers select Connecticut Shotgun guns because of their dimensions, refined handling styles, and they tell us they shoot better and enjoy them more than any other gun.




"I just picked up my Model 21 20ga. I don’t know how you can make a gun of this quality at that price."

Mike Trader


Model 21 Over & Under Grades

- Standard - $3.995.00
- 21-6 Pigeon - $7,500.00
- Grand American - $12,500.00

Model 21 Over & Under Standard Features

- Tear Drop Blued Frame
- 20ga with 3" Chambers
- Choice of Barrel Length 26" - 32" with 5 Choke Tubes
- Ventilated Ribs
- Red Front Bead
- American Walnut
- Straight Grip or Pistol Grip
- Winchester Recoil Pad
- Automatic Safety
- Gold Plated Single Selective Trigger
- Automatic Ejector
- Steel Shot Compatible
- Stock Dimensions: 14 3/8" LOP, 1 3/8" Drop At Comb, 2 1/2" Drop At Heel
- Weight Approx. 6 lbs. 5 oz. with 28" Barrels

In Addition To All Standard Features, The Standard Grade Features:

- 'A' Francy (2x) American Walnut
- Standard Multi-Point Checkering

Wood Upgrades Are Available:

- 'AA' Fancy (3x) - $350.00
- 'AAA' Fancy (4x) - $600.00
- Exhibition - $900.00

Model 21 Over & Under Specs

- Bluing: All Model 21 Over & Under barrels are blued in the traditional method of rust and caustic bluing. We use the original Winchester process of Du-Lite bluing solution and we polish using the same methods and techniques.

- Wood: We use American black walnut, which is the traditional Model 21 wood. On the higher grade pieces, you get more of a feather crotch, and we cut it with a more traditional Winchester layout where the feather runs from the comb to the toe. You can request other wood like California English walnut, and we will quote that.  Our company buys more high grade wood than any other company; therefore we have a large selection. We store wood and dry it here and even have some original Winchester stock blanks that we use occasionally.   

- Checkering: The checkering is performed by hand with mechanical layout. 24 lines per inch, 3.1 ratio. The Standard Grade comes with traditional Model 21 multiple point checkering. The #6 comes standard with A-carved checkering. The Grand American comes standard with B-carved checkering. This is very complex and time consuming. You can mix or match the checkering styles with any grade, and we will quote it.

- Checkered Butt: We are offering the option of a checkered butt for an additional $450.00 (this price may increase in the future).

- Engraving: The Standard Grade does not have any engraving although it is beautifully polished. The Model 21-6 Pigeon Grade engraving features traditional Model 21 scroll, and has dogs engraved in the panel on the right and left side. There are two pheasants on the bottom. The #6 is basically a Grand American without the gold inlays. The Grand American is engraved with traditional Model 21 scroll, and all the dogs and pheasants are inlaid in gold. Please keep in mind that these are inlaid and engraved by hand so there are slight variations in the engraving. If you need specific dogs or birds, you must request that and have that on your order sheet. Any other special engravings can be quoted. 

- Stock dimensions: The stock dimensions of this gun are 14 3/8” LOP, 1 3/8” drop at comb, 2 ½” drop at heel.

- Ejectors: There are selective automatic ejectors.

- Steel: Both the barrel steel and the receiver come from Steel Mills in the US. The receivers are a special pre-hardened forging as all Model 21 receivers were made. 

- Regulation: All barrels are regulated at 40 yards to shoot flat.

- Ejector blades: They are made from forged blanks.

- Trigger guard: Pistol grip or straight grip both have long tangs and are shaped in the traditional Model 21 fashion. 

- Recoil pad: The Model 21 Over & Under comes with a Winchester Patent Date pad.

- Choke tubes: Each gun comes with 5 choke tubes, they are steel shot compatible. Skeet, Improved Cylinder, Modified, Improved Modified and Full. This makes the gun very useful especially considering the fact that you need to use steel shot in many situations.

- Springs: The Model 21 uses coil springs exclusively. 

- Chamber Length: All Model 21 Over & Under’s have 3” chambers.

- Forends: This is a specially designed forend for the Model 21.  

- Pistol grip: Pistol grip stocks have a traditional Model 21 metal grip cap that is blued and has one screw.

- Single trigger: It is a single selective trigger. The trigger pulls are approximately 4 to 5 lbs.

- SST setup: It operates on an inertia system and the gun needs the recoil of the first shot to set up the second barrel.

- Weight and balance: The gun with 28” barrels is approx. 6 lb 5 oz.

- Wood finish: We use the traditional Model 21 wood finish and coloring that has been traditionally used on the Model 21 helping preserve the legacy of the gun.

- Fit and Finish: The Model 21 maintains the same high standard as the Model 21 originally did from its inception in 1930.

- Wood drying: Connecticut Shotgun Mfg. Co. has a lot of experience in buying and handling the very best wood the world has to offer. We find the old growth Black American walnut trees for the exemplary Model 21 Over & Under stocks. We dry all of our own wood here in our own facility.

- Experience: Our first gun, which we still produce, was our ultra high quality A. Galazan O/U. We started making them in 1993 and it has gained acclamation from all over the world as being one of the world's finest shotguns. Additionally Connecticut Shotgun Mfg. Co. has many years of experience building double guns.  We are currently the only manufacturer in the USA of high quality double barrel shotguns. We also manufacture a full line of tools and accessories for shotguns, and we trade many high grade new and used shotguns, allowing us to study and compare many other types of guns. We also build the Parker shotgun for Remington and the Wayne LaPierre RBL for the NRA. We have become the custom shop for the Winchester 21 as well as building the gun in its entirety. We have had many awards bestowed upon us by our peers.

- Warranties: The Model 21 Over & Under carries a five year limited warranty on manufacturer defects.

- Safety: Standard guns come with automatic safety.

- Gold trigger: All Model 21s are gold plated unless specified otherwise, just as the Custom Shop did.

Cyro Gold TM

This is a trademark process by Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company. After the barrel blank is gun drilled and turned, the barrels are put into a very deep freeze. This releases any stress that the metal has endured during the forging. This procedure prevents warping and twisting of the tubes, even after firing multiple shells and reheating the barrels. This is the best method that we have found to make sure the tubes remain perfectly straight.

Hard Gold TM

This is a trademark process by Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company. After some of the critical parts are machined they are hardened with Hard Gold™. In this process, the parts are gold washed to prevent rust, and a special hardness is added that will significantly increase the life of your Model 21 Over & Under.

Tuff Bore TM

This is a trademark process by Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company. It is a very hard internal plating, that allows you to shoot any type of shot that we know of, without damaging the barrel. We decided to do this because many shooting ranges and hunting areas are restricting the use of lead shot and might eliminate lead completely.

Tear Drop Frame

This is the original bolstered shape of the outside of the frame the way the Model 21 was originally designed.

Correspondence from John M. Olin to Edwin Pugsley

This fascinating letter provides a timely perspective on the world gun market in the mid-1930’s, discusses early problems with the Model 21’s forearm design and John Olin’s desire to produce an over/under shotgun.

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