Parker - VH, 12ga. 30” Barrels Choked M/F. #51251

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Parker - VH, 12ga. 30” Barrels Choked M/F. Capped pistol grip stock, dogs head butt pate, gold shield, Vulcan barrels 225,xxx serial number, 1 ½ frame, double triggers, extractor, splinter forend, 99% brilliant case coloring remaining, perfect screws, a few minor scratches in wood from handling, appears unfired, virtually all of the factory wood finish, case coloring, and bluing, unmolested gun, 99% near perfect gun, seldom encountered collector condition, great dimensions, available for immediate delivery.   S & H - $50.00            

Inv: 51251
7 lbs. 6 oz.
14 ¼” x 1 ½” x 2 5/8”

Connecticut Shotgun / Galazan buying, selling and manufacturing Parker Shotguns. With 47 years of experience, we have handled the largest collections of Parkers shotguns. Every grade, style, and era including the ultra-rare 3 invincible grades that are currently in the NRA Museum. And many of the milestone guns including SN 100,000 Annie Oakley gun and many more too numerous to list, We have bought and sold more A1 specials then any other firm when Remington wanted to reintroduce the gun they came to CT Shotgun/ Galazan We believe we have had and maintained the finest collection of Parker Shotguns that are available for purchase or trade, all of the guns that we sell are inspected and thoroughly cleaned as we maintain the only inventory of replacement parts for these guns, We can assure the guns that we sell for shooting or collecting are simply the best. So, when you are looking for your best collectible Parker Shotgun or your next favorite hunting gun look no further than CT Shotgun/ Galazan. We also maintain many styles, hunting and presentation case with accessories.


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