Winchester Model 21 Repairs

Galazan has purchased all of the manufacturing machinery, tooling, and parts for the Winchester Model 21 Double Barrel Shotgun for the U.S. Repeating Arms Corporation in New Haven, CT. Contact us for factory original parts, barrels, stocks, etc. for this American classic or if your Model 21 is in need of repair. Galazan is the factory repair center for Winchester Model 21’s.

Reblue Receiver


Includes trigger guard, forend, trigger plate, and all screws and pins


Reblue Barrels


Polishing Included, note: removal of heavy pitting or rust will be billed at an hourly rate.


Trigger Repair


This is the average cost to repair a single selective trigger malfunction. This includes associated parts. We do not warranty work on restocked guns.


Replace Hinge Pin


Replace Locking Bolt


Winchester Style Leather Covered Pad 


Black leather pad with traditional thin orange line where pad meets butt of gun


Leather Faced Pad


Flat surface of pad covered with black leather


Refinish Wood and Recut Checkering


Refinish wood and recut checkering on standard or custom patterns on one buttstock and one forend. For any guns having multiple stocks and/or forends, prices must be quoted. For A-Carve, B-Carve, or other checkering patterns, prices must be quoted. Prices are based on standard oil finishes.


Loose Ribs and/or Forend Lug


Price includes strip and relay loose ribs and forend lug, and re-blue of barrels


New Barrels 


12 gauge, 16 gauge, or 20 gauge barrels, either matte solid or vent rib


28 gauge barrels, either matte solid or vent rib


.410 barrels, either matte solid or vent rib


Additional Forends 


Price is for a complete beavertail or splinter forend fitted to the gun, customer has choice of kidney pattern, diamond pattern, or Winchester custom pattern checking.


New Forend Wood


Either splinter or beavertail forend, customer choice of kidney pattern, diamond pattern, Winchester Custom pattern, or standard pattern (splinter forend) checkering.


New Ejector


Fit, cut rim, and time ejector on a Model 21, price is for each ejector


Top lever Spring and Plunger


Convert Extractor Gun to Automatic Ejectors


Engine Turn/Jewel Flats


Forend Latch Repair


Restocking, New Butt Stock and Forend


Additional charges apply to type of wood or style of butt


Restocking, New Butt Stock Only


Additional charges apply to type of wood or style of butt


Convert to Auto or Non Auto Safety


Quotations provided on all other work not listed above. CSMC is not responsible for cases, accessories, or packaging shipped with gun. Prices do not include shipping charges.