CSMC Shotguns

Since 1975, Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company has prided itself on crafting high-end shotguns. We’ve established an excellent reputation in the firearms community because of our fine craftsmanship and dedication to customer service.

We’re proud to offer you some of the best shotguns in the world as well as the opportunity to buy shotguns online. We have the best shotgun brands available, such as Christian Hunter, RBL, Inverness, Revelation, G1, Superbird, CSMC Model 21, CSMC Fox, CSMC Savage Fox, A10, Galazan Shotguns, and much more.

Whether you’re seeking double-barrel shotguns, over/under shotgun, side by side shotgun, 12 gauge shotguns, 16 gauge shotguns, 20 gauge shotguns, or other variations of the previously mentioned brands, we can help you find exactly what you need. Whether it’s your first purchase or you’re an experienced buyer, Connecticut Shotgun is here to help.

Our entire team stands behind the guns we make. We support owners 100%, and we’re also glad to offer unprecedented warranties to original owners.