Exceptional Strong Firearms Co Signal Cannon w/Original Field Carriage & Limber

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1 1/4" bore (3 gauge), 22" barrel with an about very good blue showing oxidation its full length which would likely clean easily with a bronze brush of appropriate size. The overall length of the barrel proper is 28 1/4" from muzzleface to cascabel. The maker marking remains strong on the breech and the tube is a lovely tarnished goldenrod-ochre patina. There are some areas of light staining around the breech and tail of the shell extractor and the top surface of the barrel shows minute scratches its full length. The barrel sits atop an original Strong Firearms field carriage. The carriage rates very good overall showing some drying and some lightly flaking red paint, most prominent on the spokes and the hubs, each hub showing a fairly moderate drying crack. The spokes and tires are accented with nice black outlining, most of which remains. The breech block pivots appropriately, the shell extractor operates properly and both the firing pin and the breech locking pin move freely throughout their full range of travel, however the spring is missing from the breech catch, as-is its knob, and the trip mechanism is missing from the underside of the cascabel; these easily rectifiable by any machinist worth his salt. It appears as though all the other hardware is correct and present. Accompanying the gun is men to pull, or perhaps two small ponies if your dramatic. The limber too shows overall lightly flaking paint and a moderate crack at each hub, all four wheels however rotate freely. The lid of the limber is hinged to reveal storage space beneath for your shells, and if you had one fabricate, a two-piece take-down cleaning rod would be a nice addition. The top of the box has iron handrails for the kids or grand kids to ride atop (who wouldn't want their kids bouncing along atop 5 pounds of black powder); each handle is slightly loose but would be fairly simple to tighten. The overall length of the cannon muzzleface to pintle ring is about 55" with a maximum width of about 42 1/2" and overall height to the tops of the wheels is 31". The limber is 101" long from front of the pole to rear edge of tire with a height of 39 1/2" to the tops of the iron handrails. When assembled for transport, the entire length is an impressive 12 ft. 2 in. 

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