Operation and Care of Browning B-S/S Side By Side Shotgun Reprint

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Originally sold with Browning B SXS shotguns - now we have the opportunity to bring it to you!!. Total of 13 pages. 5 ¾” X 3 ¾”. Describes assembly, safety, loading/firing, operation, dis-assembly and oiling/cleaning. Features a diagram for the 12 gauge model. Gives a parts list used in conjunction with the diagram. This beautiful reprint is printed to make it look “dated” – one can hardly distinguish our print from the real thing. Features a registration card for the Browning company and advertises other outdoors accessories on the back cover and final page. Truly a great reproduction piece of history – a wealth of primary source documents and information related to Browning Side by Side shotguns. Makes the perfect gift. These manuals are licensed reprints of the original manuals supplied by the manufacturer. A manual like this will add tremendous value to your guns when they are resold.

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