Operation and Care of the Browning 20 Gauge Magnum Automatic 5 Shotgun

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Originally sold with Browning 20 Gauge Magnum Automatic 5 Shotgun - now we have the opportunity to bring it to you!! This 23 page booklet briefly describes assembly, loading, how the safety works, sight adjustment, disassembly and care. It goes in-depth with drawings and text regarding the recoil absorbing mechanism as well as lubrication and adjustment of the absorbing mechanism. It gives a small, but detailed, diagram of the gun and all of its parts as well as giving a section to determine choke type. The last few pages of the booklet advertises all of its cleaning, storage and other firearm products. It is highly detailed and includes a lot of information for a little booklet. This is the perfect reference material for the Browning 20 gauge Auto-5 shotgun. It’s the perfect gift for any Browning enthusiast!! 6" X 3 3/4" These manuals are licensed reprints of the original manuals supplied by the manufacturer. A manual like this will add tremendous value to your guns when they are resold.

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