Winchester Leather Trunk Case

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Winchester Model 21 Leather Case (Gun & Accessories Not Included) This case is licensed by Winchester. The highest quality leather gun case. Hardwood frame, leather stitched through wood, genuine wool felt interior. These parts are not glued, all the stitching penetrates the wood, to protect the gun. This case is made to last as long as the gun. This is the same case that is offered on all best guns. All cases included a very heavy canvas cover with leather corners and piping. Made of one piece light brown cowhides. Reinforced leather corners, leather straps, with brass hardware and key lock. Interior: The stitching penetrates the wood frame and leather creating a strong bond - no glued corners. Traditional deep maroon colored wool felt, stitched leather wrist strap with buckle, compartments for accessories, cleaning rod, square oil bottle and two snap caps.

The leather Winchester Model 21 label comes standard in this case. You can add accessories for $150 additional. The accessories include: Square oil bottle, 2 piece cleaning rod, leather pouch with brass brush, wool mop, split jag, a pair of nickel Winchester snap caps, and a roll of flannel cloth.

When buying a case these are questions you should ask: 1. Are the corners stitched through the hard wood or just glued. Our cases are stitched and glued and are not superficial decorative stitching, if they are not made this way they will not hold up.

2. Is the interior real wool flannel? Our cases have real wool flannel interior, similar to billiard cloth.

3. Why should you be buying a case that has barrel compartments that cannot be altered? All our cases have adjustable barrel compartments with the ability to change the length to accommodate rib extension, guns with ejector blades that protrude like the Model 21 or many others, odd barrel lengths, as in many guns. It’s the only way to get an exact fit to each and every gun. Also if you ever sell the gun, you can use the case on a different gun by altering the compartment.

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