Deluxe Snap Caps

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Deluxe Snap Caps

A fine complement to the finest guns. Machined from solid brass stock and plated with either gold or nickel. Precision manufactured with soft leaded brass primers. Superior to any other snap caps on the market. A work of art themselves. Each pair comes packaged in a French fitted case covered in an exotic material. Our snap caps have leaded brass primer pockets that self adjust to take up the blow of the firing pin, not inexpensive plastic or nylon to give the cheap look to an otherwise elegant item. All of our snap caps are machined from solid bar stock and will not break or crack where they are joined together. 

Prices: $30.00 (Nickel), $45.00 (Gold) 

Product Code:

E0220 - 12 Gauge Nickel

E0221 - 16 Gauge Nickel

E0222 - 20 Gauge Nickel

E0223 - 28 Gauge Nickel

E0224 - .410 Bore Nickel

E0240 - 12 Gauge Gold

E0241 - 16 Gauge Gold

E0242 - 20 Gauge Gold

E0243 - 28 Gauge Gold

E0244 - .410 Bore Gold

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